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Stop waking up at 3am feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list and start each day with confidence. Streamline your life and drop your mental load.

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Whether you’re looking to optimise how you deal with the ‘homework of adult life’
or are setting up systems from scratch, we’ve got you!

Get Ready for Christmas

Drop the Christmas mental load and embrace the festive spirit with checklists to help you get ready for the season or host Christmas lunch or Christmas dinner.

Mental Load Conversation

Download your free conversation starter kit, including a reference list of mental load tasks, conversation guidelines and a sample script, to help you lead a skillful conversation to make things fairer at home.

Meal Planning Template

Say goodbye to the 5pm ‘what’s for dinner?’ panic and save time and money with a meal planner template that takes into account busy family life and supports sharing the cooking.

Picture a frazzle-free week

The struggle to find time for admin on top of child care, housework, paid work and your own social life and hobbies is real. There’s so much to do, plus the invisible thinking, planning and anticipating that keeps chaos at bay. We get it!

We’re Mia and Dinah – working mums, authors of Life Admin Hacks, hosts of the top-ranked podcast, Life Admin Life Hacks, and life admin experts.

We’ll show you how to minimise, automate, expedite and share the administration – the homework – of adult life, and regain peace of mind.


Set up game-changing digital tools with Life Admin Foundations

Drop your mental load and stop living on autopilot.

Set up a system that gets results and gives you back peace of mind.