One-On-One Coaching

Life admin coaching

Is life admin taking up too much of your time and attention? Are you feeling stuck, unsatisfied or exasperated? 

Partner with Mia to explore why your life admin is the way it is and how to approach it in a better way. Mia is a trained life coach who works with professionals and working parents to streamline their life admin so they can win back more free time and headspace, save money, and restore household harmony.

Whether it’s organising your personal affairs, like tax, super and estate planning, or comparison shopping major household expenses, planning your holidays, self-care and fun, going paperless or finessing the rhythm of your household, investing in life admin coaching will help keep you accountable, motivated, confident and action-oriented.

Optimise your life admin


Identify what success looks like for you


Investigate the obstacles in your way and develop strategies to reduce and navigate them


Discover the actions that will make the most meaningful impact in your life.

How Mia can help

Mia brings her subject matter expertise and creates a safe, non-judgemental space for people who are:

  • Needing an entire life admin reset or makeover
  • Wanting to improve a specific aspect of their life admin, personal organisation or wellbeing
  • Moving in with a partner or getting married, and merging personal affairs
  • New parents, preparing for or adjusting to the arrival of a new baby
  • Returning to work after parental leave
  • Juggling work life and home life, craving more time for the things that matter most
  • Struggling to carve out time for creative projects or side hustles
  • Separating or divorcing, disentangling their personal affairs and setting up new everything
  • Coparenting, sharing the administration and logistics of parenthood.

She’s been all those people too.

With Mia as your coach, you’ll have a thinking partner to explore new possibilities, resources, tools, mindsets, habits, beliefs and boundaries together.

The result? A lighter, happier life.

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Coaching packages

My Priorities

A four-week intensive to address the top 3 areas that need immediate attention
$ 795 Four sessions
  • Weekly
  • Identify and vanquish your biggest pain points

My Reset

Adopt new tools, mindsets and habits to get your life admin under control
$ 1250 Six sessions
  • Weekly or fortnightly
  • Walk away with a new self-awareness , fit-for-purpose tools and updated approaches
  • Bonus: email and text support between sessions
  • Bonus: identify your values & needs to align your priorities

My Makeover

Move from chaos to calm and maintain your new level of organisation
$ 2495 Twelve sessions
  • Weekly or fortnightly
  • Achieve a clean sweep of your life admin and establish healthier beliefs, sustainable behaviours, and new-found abilities
  • Bonus: email and text support between sessions
  • Bonus: identify your values & needs to align your priorities
  • Bonus: holistic life admin audit

Each hour-long session is a conversation where you set the agenda, Mia asks questions to guide exploration and discovery, and you step away with an action plan that aligns with your values. If you would rather work through a structured life admin program instead of defining the topic each week, Mia can recommend an approach that yields real results and shifts based on your overall goals and values.  

Sessions are held over the phone or via Zoom.

Packages are paid in instalments via PayPal with flexible payment options. After completing a package, you can continue with month-to-month sessions for ad hoc brain dumps, gut checks and heart to hearts.

Let’s work together

Let’s begin with one session to make sure we’re a good fit for one another. After that, you’re welcome to book either a 4, 6 or 12 week coaching package.