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070: Your money mindset

Nicole Alesios

In this episode, Mia and Dinah tap into the expertise of coach Nicole Alesios to discover how your money mindset and archetype impact your relationship with money, your habits and decisions about money management, saving, investing and outsourcing.

About Dr Nicole Alesios

Nicole is an economist, money mindset coach and speaker who is passionate about helping people to have easier money conversations through money mindset coaching and also helping them set a clear and achievable strategy that is in alignment with their unique money personality.

One of the biggest benefits of getting your life admin organised is that it can save you money, through budgeting and money monitoring, sorting out your tax and estate planning, and comparison shopping major household expenses. 

But money is an area where people bring complex feelings, childhood lessons and personality traits to the decision-making. Having the right app and a process will get you most of the way there, but recognising your behaviours when it comes to money is also important.

In this bumper episode, we interview Nicole Alesios and discuss:

  • the taboo that still surrounds talking about money, which can limit our financial literacy
  • what your money stories and money mindset are
  • the eight money archetypes Nicole uses in her work to describe your predisposition toward money.



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