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043: Carly Jacobs on productivity, habits and planning

Carly Jacobs

In this episode we interview Carly Jacobs, host of the Poductivity podcast, about the little habits that support a big life.

Carly Jacobs has written in the self-improvement space for well over a decade, and we talk to her about her experiments and habits related to life admin and household harmony.

During the interview, we chat with Carly about:

  • how completing her tax return as a teenager started her love of organisation
  • finally paying for a Dropbox account to store all her digital files (although she still has a concertina file)
  • how wasting time is her biggest pet peeve
  • using the Moleskin Time Page and Actions apps to manage her calendar and to-do lists
  • bullet journalling
  • managing each day with a work to-do List and personal to-do list 
  • using an hourly rate to value her time to decide what tasks to outsource 
  • her love of robot vacuums and AirPods 
  • using time blocking to make the most of your time
  • how planning is more important when you live in the country.



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