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042: Optimising your frequent flyer points

Dinah and Mia interview frequent flyer expert, Daniel Sciberras, from on the best way to earn and redeem points for maximum value as well as credit card features that help build your balance fastest.

During the interview we chat with Daniel about:

  • choosing which frequent flyer programs to belong to based on your own travel patterns
  • understanding the value of your points based on how you will redeem them
  • the value of using reward points for routes where there is no competition
  • the flexibility of reward flights booking particularly during these COVID times
  • the value of frequent flyer points and how it varies 
  • earning points through spending “on the ground”
  • the best way to earn points through premium credit card bonus offers
  • swapping credit cards every three to four months to make the most of offers available
  • what is a good earn rate for a points-linked credit card
  • earning Qantas points while you sleep
  • what to say when you call your bank to try to get them to waive the annual card fee
  • keeping track of your expiring points and the difference between “hard” and “soft” expiries
  • using the Qantas and Velocity shopping sites for online shopping to boost your point balance and keep your accounts active
  • hacks to buy points from alliance airlines
  • the future of reward points programs
  • his spreadsheet to keep track of all his reward points accounts, balances, and expiry dates.



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