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041: Ellen Jackson on how mindset and personality impact your life admin

Ellen Jackson

In this episode, we interview psychologist and host of the Potential Psychology podcast, Ellen Jackson.

About Ellen Jackson

Ellen Jackson is a psychologist, host of the Potential Psychology Podcast, internationally published writer, speaker, coach and consultant to organisations Australia-wide.

Ellen has a personal passion for self-care and individual wellbeing to beat stress and help you to live your best life. Her work includes one-on-one coaching, and everything she teaches is supported by scientific research so we know it works.

Ellen’s 6 Word Purpose Statement is: Help others live, learn and flourish.

What we talk about

During the interview, we chat with Ellen about:

  • how the arrival of children intensifies the life admin load
  • managing your mindset to let go of control and allow others to contribute and solve problems
  • letting go of unnecessary standards or preferences when sharing the load
  • training your children to be grown-ups
  • how feeling calm and having peace of mind is important to her
  • the big five personality traits and the impact this has on how you might approach life admin
  • how being aware of your personality traits can help you understand how best to approach life admin
  • playing to your strengths 
  • understanding that your standards and rules are usually self-imposed and you can let them go
  • valuing your time to help make decisions around outsourcing
  • motivation and how rewards and punishment don’t work in the long run (for our kids or for ourselves)
  • the three key elements to motivation (autonomy, relatedness, competence)



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