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039: Moving house

This episode will give you the tops hacks to make your next move as harmonious as possible.

Moving house is high on the list of life events that stress people out. This year, due to COVID-19, more of you may be moving or thinking about moving due to a change in income or for a treechange or seachange as remote working becomes a more viable permanent option.

Mia and Dinah talk about the four phases of moving house:

  • Planning (many weeks before)
  • Preparing (few weeks before)
  • Moving (the week of moving)
  • Settling in.

The key to a successful move is all about checklists and systematically working through them.

The considerations in the Planning phase are:

  • selecting a date – consider mid-week which is cheaper and can be much easier if your children are in childcare or school
  • taking the opportunity to declutter before you move
  • selecting a mover, including any specialist movers for things like a piano
  • organising the utility, internet and phone connection and disconnection
  • contacting your insurance providers to ensure you are covered
  • preparing for mail redirection – don’t forget things like subscriptions, car registration, pet registration, electoral role 
  • start making sure you use up as many fridge and pantry items as possible before the move
  • backing up your computer
  • applying for a parking permit
  • organising a cleaner
  • sourcing boxes – try local Facebook groups or consider renting boxes- and a tape dispenser

Some hacks in the Preparing phase are:

  • taking some photos of your home as a memento
  • packing by room for the destination
  • while your clothes are still hanging in the closet, put them inside a rubbish bag to make unpacking simpler.
  • in lieu of bubble wrap, protect your dishes and fragile items with clothing and linens
  • as you disassemble furniture, keep all screws and hardware in a plastic bag – label the bag and tape it to the furniture itself, or designate a separate box with hardware for all your furniture.
  • take a picture of the back of your TV and other electronic devices – that way, you know exactly which wires go where when you’re setting up in the new place!
  • let the kids pack a few of their own moving boxes
  • pack an “essentials box” or boxes which contains things you will need for the first day/night, including:
    • a knife to open boxes,
    • essential crockery
    • bed linen
    • phone charger
    • clothing
    • toiletries for the next day
    • cleaning products
    • tools
    • tv remotes
  • ensure you keep track of valuable items and important papers.

On Moving day:

  • meditate – go with the flow, be kind – it can be easy to get impatient and frazzled
  • ensure you have cleaning supplies to hand (particularly a dustpan and brush)
  • put labels on rooms at the destination so movers, family and friends know where to put boxes
  • focus on setting up the beds first and bedrooms for children
  • consider getting takeaway for the first night
  • consider having someone else look after your pets or even put your dog in a kennel for one night so the place is more orderly when they arrive.

When moving day is over it’s time to settle in:

  • pay it forward with boxes and wrap – post it on a neighbourhood Facebook page
  • look at your new council’s website for a new residents checklist
  • finalise any changes of address 
  • unpack everything in the first few weeks otherwise those boxes may languish for years
  • make it home – get the pictures up on walls (consider outsourcing this).


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