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036: Pay tv and streaming

This episode gives you top hacks for maximising the value of your pay TV and streaming services.

There are more than 36 streaming platforms in Australia including Crunchyroll (Japanese anime and manga), GuideDoc (documentaries), Mubi (cult classics), Shudder (horror), CGood positive life-affirming), Acorn (mystery, drama and thrillers). If you like a particular genre see if there is a cheaper, dedicated streaming service rather than using a mainstream platform. 

Mia and Dinah talk about what you should know about streaming services including:

  • The three types of streaming services:
    • subscription services (like Netflix, Stan, Binge)
    • rent/buy services (like Google Play or iTunes)
    • catch-up (free-to-air services) .

Their hacks for finding shows and films that suit your taste and mood are:

  • Have reference lists on your phone and add to them when others make recommendations or you read reviews
  • Have separate reference lists for different types of viewing rather than one long mixed list (e.g. educational shows to watch with the kids, date night films)
  • Use a service like Just Watch or Google Watch List to find things available on the streaming platforms you have
  • Create separate streaming platform profiles for different types of watching, based on moods, themes or audiences (eg family viewing, documentaries, guilty pleasures, international cinema) so that the streaming algorithm suggests up the same type of content
  • Browse the full catalogues of streaming services (eg Netflix Catalogue) to discover content in specific genres (e.g. American 80s comedies, Belgian mysteries), rather than the standard category options.

They talk about the options to view streaming services including:

  • Using a harware device (like Chromecast) to stream from your phone, tablet or computer
  • Using a media streamer or a hub (like Fetch or Telstra TV) – some of these also allow recording of free-to-air TV
  • Using a game console (like Xbox or Playstation)
  • Smart tvs.

They also talk about how to decide what streaming services you should subscribe to by:

  • Making sure free trials don’t become lurking subscriptions by unsubscribing straight away or adding a reminder in your to-do list
  • Consulting your reference list to see which services have more of the things you want to watch
  • Reviewing the free to air streaming services to see if there is enough content available for free
  • Consider unsubscribing from all services and then adding back as you need.



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