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032: Pet admin

pet admin

This episode will give you all the hacks to ensure your pets are a stress reducer not a stress inducer

Looking after a pet properly is a long term proposition. Cats and dogs live on average 10 human years and the responsibility of their welfare adds up over time. It’s important to think about how to make it easier for yourself and use your life admin systems to share it with other members of your family. 

Mia and Dinah discuss:

  • all the admin related to pet ownership, including:
    • pet registration
    • purchasing pet food
    • veterinarian visits
    • pet insurance
    • grooming
    • obedience training
    • exercise
    • pet daycare
    • putting together a pet emergency kit
    • holiday care.
  • how to use your life admin systems including cloud storage, shared calendars, To-Do Lists and Reference Lists to make all your pet admin as simple as possible
  • other hacks including pet supply subscription services, online options for obedience training and sharing the load with friends with pets.


Money Smart advice on pet ownership including pet insurance


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