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027: Taking on admin for family members

This episode will help you understand why you may need to help others with their life admin and some of the legal and practical considerations you need to consider if you take on that role.

We consider some of the things you need to think about when you need to help someone else with their life admin, including:

  • what the signs are or the events that may happen that trigger your need to assist someone with their life admin
  • the types of life admin you may need to help with
  • how to avoid family conflict and maintain family harmony.

Mia interviews Stephanie Rendell, a lawyer who works in elder care planning and talks about:

  • what life admin you can do informally and when you need to put formal documents like Powers of Attorney in place
  • things to consider when appointing a third-party financial administrator
  • considerations for reimbursement and remuneration in Power of Attorney activities
  • record keeping obligations if you take on someone’s Power of Attorney
  • services that Elder Care Lawyers can provide including Substitute decision-makers, Caring agreements, Advanced Care Directives, Wills and Elder Care abuse.

Mia and Dinah talk about some of the practical things you can do to make it easier to manage and share the work of taking on someone else’s life admin including:

  • Establishing a shared digital calendar for medical and other appointments
  • Establishing a shared email address for bills and statements, to create transparency among family members
  • Establishing shared password management systems
  • Establishing shared To Do Lists to allocate and track tasks
  • Setting up roster systems and
  • Scheduling monthly teleconferences to discuss the situation and share the activities.


  • Dinah talks about securing her favourite shopping list and meal planners to restore order to her fridge.
  • Mia talks about how easy it was to nominate the days she wanted to take as purchased annual leave by using her shared calendar and the relief of having all the childcare over the school holidays for the year sorted.


  • Dinah talks about how she has still failed to manage to establish a system for the digital photos from a recent long trip.


Podcast – The One You Feed


Stephanie Rendell, Associate – Head Of Wills And Estates, RNG Lawyers

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