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022: Outsourcing personal and household tasks

This episode will help decide what you should outsource and how to do it so that it actually saves you time and improves your household harmony

Mia and Dinah talk about some of the reasons you may want to outsource some of your life admin including:

  • lack of expertise or skill
  • tasks not getting done due to lack of time
  • relationship friction caused by workload imbalance or tasks not getting done.

They outline ten steps to help you decide if you should outsource some of your life admin including both the emotional and logical considerations.

They also explain where you can look to find outsourcing providers including:

  • task request websites
  • franchise services/agencies; and
  • word-of-mouth recommendations.


  • Mia talks about resubscribing to newsletters in advance of Christmas to make sure she can access sale information but has put in place email filters so they don’t clutter up her Inbox
  • Dinah talks about embracing the digital wallet on her phone


  • Mia talks about how she has been procrastinating assembling some furniture and she knows she should outsource the task


James Clear, Value of Time

Laura Vanderkam – Free Time Makeover

Task request websites:

Fillable PDF template for Outsourced Suppliers, Services and Trades contact details

  • Use the following sample message to send an email to those whose recommendations you trust to help you source a network of useful contacts.

Subject: Your recommendations, please.

Hi everyone,

I’m making a list of suppliers, tradespeople and service providers to help out with some household and personal tasks. If you’re happy to recommend somebody who has provided you with great service in the past, I’d really appreciate it. I’m looking for your trusted:

  • Cleaner
  • Accountant
  • Gardener
  • Dog walker….

Thanks for helping me out.

Cheers, [Name]


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