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018: Controlling digital safety and screen time

Copntrolling digital safety and screen time

This episode will clarify the options you have to manage how you and your children use their screens.

There are all kinds of connected devices in our homes: tablets, smartphones, laptops, televisions, gaming consoles and more. Dinah and Mia give you some tools and tips to help keep your children safer online and also help provide screen time limits.

Mia and Dinah talk about resources like Common Sense Media that you can use to decide on which games and apps to download for your children.
They also discuss how as your children get older it is more important to make sure you have enabled the parental controls on all the devices they access.

They discuss tips relating to:

  • Setting up individual profiles for your children and using family sharing settings for Apple and Google
  • Using Screentime in Apple devices (iOS 9 and above)
  • Using Content & Privacy Restrictions in older Apple devices
  • Using parental controls for your PC and gaming consoles
  • Setting up profiles for Netflix and other streaming accounts
  • Password protection and staying one step ahead of your digital native children.

They also discuss some options for improving security at the router level including upgrading your router or adding additional gadgets to control all the devices connected to your home internet connection.


Dinah’s daughter had cooked dinner based on the family meal planner without being asked

Mia is currently applying for a new role at work and she is able to use the CV she had prepared by an outsourcer earlier this year


Dinah talks about channel confusion caused when groups of friends move between various communication channels like email, WhatsApp and text messages.


10% Happier Podcast Episode on Digital Minimalism
When – The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing by Daniel Pink


Australian Parents Council – Recommended Screentime
Raising Children – digital safety and screen time strategies
eSafety – Office of the e-safety commissioners
Common Sense Media – Aged Based Media Reviews
Guide to Screentime functionality for Apple Devices
Parental controls for older Apple devices that don’t support Screen Time Circle – Screen time management and parental control device that controls wifi access and displays usage history


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