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016: Simplifying gift giving

Simplifying gift giving

Get the hacks to buy appropriate, thoughtful gifts that are within budget and in time for the occasion, efficiently.

Mia and Dinah explore the joys and lows of giving gifts and how to make sure gifts are meaningful without overthinking it. The hacks covered for selecting gifts include:

  • setting up wish lists for family members and close friends using your lists app
  • simplifying decision making by using categories and themes (eg books, sport, experience, games/puzzles, clothes, accessories, food, plant)
  • finding a few favourite online and bricks-and-mortar stores with good quality items
  • using social media to identify hobbies or brands the recipient may enjoy
  • buying gifts for children’s birthday parties
  • planning for Christmas shopping.

They also give their perspectives on Kris Kringles, gift cards, movie tickets and group gifts.

This episode includes hacks on how to make shopping for gifts more efficient including:

  • online shopping
  • shopping late at night when stores are quiet
  • only shopping when you have already decided what you are going to buy
  • scheduling in regular shopping trips.

Mia and Dinah also give some advice on hacks related to creative gift wrapping and the task of sending birthday wishes.  


The Five Love Languages – book about how people experience and demonstrate love differently

Geraldine Hickey – from “Upfront 2018” including “Nicole” – stand up comic on the topic of group gift buying


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