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010: Managing digital photos

managing digital photos

In this episode Mia and Dinah talk about the challenges of managing digital photos including storing them so you can find them when you need them, backing them up and doing something with them to make you happy.

Mia and Dinah share the current disorganised state of their digital photos. They’ve both failed to implement a consistent system to store, backup and use their photos.

Mia interviews Sally-Ann Lyons, a former travel agent and now clothing designer, who manages a large volume (over 30,000) of photos for both her work and from her travels. Her system includes:

  • always travelling with her laptop (MacBook Air)
  • downloading and editing her photos every day so as to not create a backlog of activity
  • filing as she goes in iPhotos both chronologically and by continent and country
  • only showing her photos on her laptop and not printing them out
  • backing up her laptop automatically when she is at home
  • backing up to a hard drive when she is travelling
  • containment by creating a limit on how many photos she can store by limiting her hard drive storage capacity.

Mia and Dinah both discuss how they are going to tackle their digital photos backlog and develop new habits going forward.


  • Dinah talks about she has finally sorted out superannuation for herself and her husband.
  • Mia talks about sorting out her children’s memorabilia and creating albums for class photos and achievement certificates.


  • Dinah talks about sending out the invitation to her son’s birthday party via multiple channels and how this complicated managing the RSVP process.


Apps to make something with your digital photos:


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