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  • Selecting energy plans

    014: Selecting energy plans

    This episode is all about finding the best offer for your electricity and gas in those states of Australia where you choose your energy retailer. There are more than 37 […]

  • Choosing a broadband plan

    013: Choosing a broadband plan

    Mia and Dinah talk about switching broadband plans to save money and improve their service. There are more than 35 internet service providers in Australia, with an array of ever-changing […]

  • Comparing private health insurance

    012: Comparing private health insurance

    Mia and Dinah talk about principles for efficient comparison shopping and fast decision making, before getting into the process and tools specific to reviewing private health insurance. To avoid spending […]

  • Drafting wills and powers of attorney

    011: Drafting wills and powers of attorney

    Mia and Dinah interview Justin Hiew, a lawyer from McMahon Fearnly Lawyers, to get some expert input into the morbid but important topic of wills and powers of attorney. The […]

  • managing digital photos

    010: Managing digital photos

    In this episode Mia and Dinah talk about the challenges of managing digital photos including storing them so you can find them when you need them, backing them up and […]

  • Finding motivation and momentum

    009: Finding Motivation and Momentum

    Mia and Dinah explore how to find inspiration, get motivated and set goals to change your approach to life admin. Mia and Dinah talk about the difference between motivation and […]

  • decluttering part 3

    008: Decluttering part 3

    In this episode Dinah and Mia focus on how to help others declutter, and Mia interviews Jo and Kristen from Springtime Services, professional organisers in Melbourne. Jo and Kristen describe […]

  • decluttering part 2

    007: Decluttering part 2

    Mia and Dinah talk about their own decluttering journeys and give listeners their top tips. Mia and Dinah share theirĀ  family backgrounds and reflect how that often links to your […]

  • Decluttering

    006: Decluttering part 1

    Mia and Dinah talk about the mindset and philosophies of various decluttering experts. This is the first of two episodes discussing decluttering. It focuses on the advice from decluttering experts. […]

  • Scheduling

    005: Scheduling the Inevitable, the Inspirational and an Hour of Power

    This episode covers another foundation for establishing a robust Life Admin system: scheduling. Mia and Dinah discuss how most people have no set time when they do their Life Admin […]