Month: November 2018

  • Mastering to do lists

    004: Mastering To Do Lists

    Mia and Dinah talk about the benefits of To Do Lists and the steps they followed to optimise their To Do List systems. This episode discusses how To Do Lists […]

  • Managing passwords

    003: Managing passwords and form filling data

    This episode covers two more important foundation elements for a life admin system: having a password manager and collating data frequently used when filling out forms. Mia and Dinah discuss […]

  • Going paperless

    002: Going paperless

    This episode talks about the second key foundation of an efficient life admin system:  going paperless. The hosts, Mia and Dinah, describe the five steps they went through to go […]

  • Life Admin Life Hacks set up a shared calendar

    001: Setting up a shared family calendar

    This episode introduces the first of several foundations to a great life admin system: a shared family calendar. Mia and Dinah discuss how they previously both used multiple calendars and […]

  • Life Admin Life Hacks Welcome

    000: Welcome to Life Admin Life Hacks

    This episode provides an introduction to the Life Admin Life Hacks podcast, a podcast that gives you techniques, tips and tools to tackle your life admin more efficiently to save […]