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025: Embracing budgeting

This episode will help you understand what sort of budget you need, get it done more efficiently and actually stick to it!

This episode talks about the reasons you need a budget, the tools you can use to prepare a budget, and how to monitor your budget once you have set it up.

Mia and Dinah talk about the range of reasons why preparing a budget is important and how it can help you make better decisions about other areas of your life admin. 

Dinah talks about how it is important to understand you past expenditure in order to set a realistic budget going forward. They talk about the various options to easily get this information including trying out tools within internet banking and apps that automatically extract data from your bank accounts.

They explore how you can set-up a budget based on your expected expenditure and your  goals. They also talk about the reality of sticking to a budget and some of the hacks to make it easier to stay on track.


  • Mia talks about how she needs to visit her bank to sort out access to one online banking for one of her bank accounts.


  • Dinah talks about how she has created a spreadsheet of Christmas presents and already bought most of them using online shopping.


Pocketbook – budgeting app

Money Brilliant – budget app that also recommends product changes

The Barefoot Investor – popular money guide


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025: Embracing budgeting