000: Welcome to Life Admin Life Hacks

This episode provides an introduction to the Life Admin Life Hacks podcast, a podcast that gives you techniques, tips and tools to tackle your life admin more efficiently to save you time, your money and improve your household harmony.

This episode provides a definition of Life Admin including some data from a survey the podcast hosts, Mia and Dinah, conducted.

Mia and Dinah discuss their motivation to start this project: that as their lives have got more complex and technology has moved on their old systems are no longer meeting the demands of Life Admin for a modern family.

They’re driven to use their expertise in user experience design and finance to develop a new Life Admin system, which can help save time, money, improve your peace of mind and provide more household harmony.

Tools and Resources

The Mental Load – You should have asked, Emma, 2017


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4 Replies to “000: Welcome to Life Admin Life Hacks”

  1. Ingrid Clulow

    Well done. So pleased to see how passionate you are about your subject. Division of labour is an historical thing! I read an article saying that 90% of married women will land up doing the household work,admin and children duties.
    I think they needed to be applauded! I think a good way of trying to encorporate the man in to getting involved is to put up a monthly planner on the fridge , so he knows what is going on for starters. Interested to hear more of
    your innovative thoughts ๐Ÿ˜€

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